All entrepreneurs and managers need to wear multiple hats. They are held accountable for a number of responsibilities, right from accounting to business development. Ram V Chary says that entrepreneurs and managers would have to act as a business leader, and take crucial decisions, manage its team, formulate the business strategy, and so on. Mr.Chary has himself held leadership positions in different companies. In the span of his career, he served as a CEO, president, executive vice president, director, and consultant. Hence, he has a good knowledge about the importance of good leadership for a business.

The right leaderships go a long way in enabling a business to consistently grow and prosper. However, being a good leader is not an easy task. Ram V Chary says a person would need certain personality traits, skills,knowledge and a level of experience to a be a good leader for a business.  No one becomes a good leader in one day, but with hard work and persistence, they can surely take steps towards becoming one over a span of time.

Here are a few tips for becoming a good business leader, as underlined by Ram V Chary:

  • Identify strengths: All people have their own talents and skills, which can be quite helpful in leadership positions. One can note down what they consider to be their strongest assets and skills. Keeping these factors in mind, one must decide on the best steps to take to progress in their career. For this, they should try not to compare themselves with others, but approach people who inspire them and ask for advice.
  • Develop existing skills: Exercising and building upon the strengths one may already have would go a long way in enabling them to reach their full potential. Becoming an expert in their individual field can help people to enjoy more value as a leader, and open up new avenues for them 
  • Find a mentor: A mentor can significantly help people to understand the skills needed to be a good leader, and work on them. They can also help people to avoid common and recurring obstacles, and become equipped to approach any person or circumstance without getting intimidated.
  • Get a different perspective: Business leaders need to be right, at least most of the times.  Not only must they have good instincts and strong sense of judgment, but they also should seek advice from people belonging to diverse backgrounds and having different perspectives, listen carefully and work to dis-confirm their beliefs. Keeping themselves open to various lines of thought can help business leaders to make more accurate decisions, which are driven by long-term thinking and experience, rather than emotions.

Any business would go through multiple obstacles and hindrances every passing day.  It can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in the middle of all this. A good leader must have the capacity to steer a business in the right direction, even in the mid of chaos.


SVF Investment Corp nasdaq svfau at  investors are no uncertainty satisfied to see that the offer cost has had an extraordinary month, posting a 41% increase, recuperating from earlier shortcoming. Furthermore, the entire year gain of 30% isn’t excessively ratty, all things considered. All else being equivalent, a sharp offer cost increment should make a stock less alluring to likely financial specialists. In the long haul, share costs will in general follow profit per share, yet in the momentary costs skip around in light of transient variables which are not generally self-evident.

So some would want to hold off purchasing when there is a ton of positive thinking towards a stock. One approach to check market assumptions for a stock is to see its Price to Earnings Ratio. A high P/E proportion implies that speculators have an exclusive standard about future development, while a low P/E proportion implies they have low assumptions regarding future development.

Pic16-027 KARACHI: Mar16- A stockbroker watches the latest share prices during a trading session at the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), in provincial capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Sabir Mazhar

P/E Ratio Compare to Its Peers

SVF Investment Corp svf’s P/E of 11.97 demonstrates moderately low estimation towards the stock. We can find in the picture beneath that the normal P/E 18.9 for organizations in the food business is higher than SVF Investment Corp nasdaq svfau P/E. This recommends that market members think SVF Investment Corp svf will fail to meet expectations different organizations in its industry. Numerous speculators like to purchase stocks when the market is negative about their possibilities. You ought to dig further. We like to make sure if business insiders have been buy or selling.

Growth Rates Impact

At the point when income falls, the ‘E’ diminishes, over the long haul. Consequently, regardless of whether you pay a low numerous of income now, that various will get higher later on. So while a stock like nasdaq sqft at may look modest dependent on past profit, it very well may be costly depend on future income. SVF Investment Corp nasdaq svfau profit per share fell by 57% over the most recent a year. What’s more, it has contracted its income per share by 32% every year throughout the most recent five years.

This could legitimize a critical P/E. The ‘Cost’ in P/E mirrors the market capitalization of the organization. That implies it doesn’t consider obligation or money. Precisely the same organization would speculatively merit a higher P/E proportion in the event that it had a solid monetary record, than if it had a frail one with loads of obligation, in light of the fact that a got the money for up organization can spend on development.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.